It’s been over a week since we launched our new still Barra Atlantic Gin and we’ve been overwhelmed by the tremendous feedback received so far! Not only from our customers but also from our friends, who happen to be passionate Gin Professionals/Bloggers!

We want to share the great news with you and allow you to read what the experts have to say about our new still Barra Atlantic Gin!

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“In the current climate, any good news is always very welcome and this week, we were delighted to get the news that Isle of Barra Distillers has taken delivery of Ada, their (very) shiny new copper still.

We were extremely lucky to have been gifted a bottle of the new still Barra Atlantic Gin and have had the opportunity to try it for ourselves. The first thing we had to marvel at was the stunning packaging it arrived in. If you are looking for a very special gift for someone, this delightful box would fit the bill. And as for the gin inside? An utterly mesmerising mix of flavours combine perfectly in this sturdy, dry gin.

Our mind is on the seashore and the underlying saltiness of the shoreline botanicals is notable but topped off by the core juniper and earthy herbaceousness with fresh floral and citrus notes. Yes, there’s a lot going on in this gin, but it’s balanced and smooth and served simply with ice and tonic, is a very pleasing, fresh dry drink.

It’s described as an island-born, fearless gin and we have to agree this gin has some feistiness! Well done Ada, we’ll be coming back for more!”

- The Scottish Gin Society

Barra Gin The Gin Den

 “Whilst there has been no change in the botanicals, I was keen to understand the change in flavour profile the Ada would bring. A double measure neat over lots of ice was my serve, and from the first taste the smoothness compared to my previous bottles was evident, to be clear this has never been a harsh gin, quite the opposite, but this change alongside more pronounced notes from the carrageen seaweed on the nose and the palate, combined with the familiar Juniper and Citrus tones have resulted in what can only be described as a spectacular gin.

I wasn’t sure what to expect and have been very pleasantly surprised to say the least.

Now I just need to wait until it’s safe to get to the island to see this all for myself and to congratulate Michael and Katie on both new additions in 2020!”

- The Gin Den

Barra Gin - Gin on the Tyne

“Believe it or not, it was the first coastal gin I had purchased! The next step was installing the first legal still on Barra in May 2019, and since then the brand has gone from strength to strength, winning awards and new fans across the gin world - this includes a Silver at ISWC 2020 and a Gold medal at the Gin Masters 2020.

Upscaling after so much success and popularity is only natural, leading to the installation of a new 300 litre copper still from Forsyths, which was built and installed just 2 weeks ago. Of course, when I heard that the old still was being discontinued, I did what any self-respecting gin fan does: God help me, I bought a couple of bottles!

To mark the momentous occasion of the new still, Barra created a limited-edition label to introduce ‘Ada’, but also the new arrival of owners Michael & Katie Morrison’s daughter, who gave her name to the still!

Barra Atlantic ‘Ada’ Edition uses exactly the same recipe of seventeen handpicked botanicals as the original, with the highlight being Carrageen seaweed, foraged from the shores of Barra itself. It was interesting being able to compare both editions of Barra Atlantic: on a basic level, Ada is simply a brighter, more intense expression of that same original recipe, but digging deeper the taste experience is slightly different. On the nose, your first impression is distinctly maritime, with elements of punchy juniper and salt coming through. When tasted, Ada is definitely smoother, with the punchy juniper the first tone to hit your nose. This gives way to a very well-balanced blend of citrus and saltiness, before leaving a lingering trace of spice. This is a truly wonderful tasting experience.”

- Gin on the Tyne

Barra Gin - The Gin Judge

“So, what else has changed? Whilst the botanicals in their original and wonderful gin remain the same botanicals. The key botanical of Carrageen seaweed remains very present throughout but the spirit is undoubtably smoother than before. The nose is much brighter and cleaner. To taste, juniper is still very present but I’m getting a far punchier citrus note contrasting really well with the savoury saltiness of carrageen seaweed. I just need to take my bottle to the seaside with a palate of oysters and I’ll be in heaven.

I really love the fact that the team at Barra haven’t changed their much-loved recipe but instead fine-tuned it to create an even more impressive taste and nose. It’s incredible just how much this young business has evolved and will continue to do with such a big new still.

Lastly, as always, the packaging is beautiful with a map on the side displaying the nearby islands to Barra, their iconic tissue paper, limited edition loving introduction to Ada on their label and finally a lovely silver plaque at the top on the neck of the bottle. The attention to detail really bring it all together.”

- The Gin Judge

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Our shipments leave only a small carbon footprint throughout its extensive journey from us to you. We utilise existing methods of public transport links to send our gin to the mainland and beyond.


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