A Slice of Barra

A Slice of Barra
Barra holds a special place in the hearts of many. Some celebrate a milestone birthday by doing the renowned Barra beach landing, while others come to trace their family heritage.

Isle of Barra, Fishing Boat

Sea spray dances above the waves, lifted and twirled by the power of the wind. You can taste the salt in the air and feel grains of sand landing on the surface of your waterproof jacket in tiny tapping movements.


This is a familiar thought if you have taken the famous flight to touch down on nature's runway at Barra Airport before making a childlike dash down the dunes at the Traigh Eais on the adjacent side of the Eoligarry peninsula.
You might land on a wild afternoon, but every day is a beach day on the Outer Hebrides.

Barra Airport Beach

Many often visit the islands in the shoulder months, so the force of the elements is no surprise. Of course, you can roam the beaches and the local pub (would be rude not to) with carefree curiosity.

Many people's unwavering love for Barra was foraged from the moment they caught sight of the island from above as you prepare to touch down on the sand.

Isle of Barra
Barra is the epitome of 'good things come in small packages’.
Scottish folk tend to throw around the word 'wee', even when something isn't that small at all. I can assure you, however, that Barra falls into the 'wee' category.
At just 8 miles x 5 miles at the widest point, it's certainly not one of Scotland's larger islands, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for in beauty and character.
Barra supplies infinite scenic stimulation, fantastic local produce, and an enviable and palpable sense of community, all rooted in rich clan history.

Isle of Barra

Still not convinced? Read on...
You’ll fly into an exceptional airport…Gliding onto the shimmering sands of the beach at Barra Airport is not your everyday aviation experience – this is precisely why it should feature on everyone’s travel wish list. It is the only commercial beach landing in the world, and the flight times are, of course, dictated by the tides.

Barra Airport

The flight itself is the stuff that scenic dreams are made of. Look down upon the wild beauty of the Highlands, the iconic colourful facades of Tobermory and coastlines so beautiful they will pull on your tartan heart-strings.
The approach to Barra really would have you convinced it was somewhere far more exotic. Famous as it is, the flight is always met by a crowd of spectators eager to capture the pocket-sized plane on its descent.

Isle of Barra

… or you’ll sail towards a castle in a beautiful bay.
If low flying, miniature propeller planes are not your thing, you can instead enjoy a sea-based journey to Barra on the ferry from Oban.
When dry land comes into sight, and you see an ancient castle rise from the surface of the water, and don’t worry, it’s not that you’ve just had too many ‘Malts of the Month’ on the CalMac ferry!

Kisimul Cafe

Kisimul Castle (pronounced Kish-imul) is an emblem of the island and gives the main town of Castlebay its name, a reminder that we Scots were traditionally fond of a say-it-as-you-see-it naming approach.

You can visit the castle via a short boat transfer or just enjoy its prominence on the liquid horizon from almost anywhere in Castlebay.
You will love the fish curry at Cafe Kisimul
Yup, you’ve guessed it – this island eatery is also named after the aforementioned castle. AND, if you choose to eat alfresco, you can view at the said castle while you savour your seafood.

Cafe Kisimul

Cafe Kisimul is an island institution and one which always carries high expectations from customers based on some strong recommendations from fellow Scottish travel enthusiasts.

Barra really is a wee slice of paradise.
It often resembles a far-flung tropical land, and the island experience is guaranteed to detox your mind and feed your soul.
Whether you arrive by sea or air, explore by foot or bike, indulge in the scenery, seafood or whisky (maybe all three), this island will leave an irrevocable imprint on you.
It’s a simple kind of paradise, and it’s right here in bonnie, Scotland.

Slainte to that! 
Barra Atlantic Gin

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