Back to business!

Back to business!
Oh how it’s good to be back into the full swing of things. With our friends in the hospitality and retail industry back with a bang, it’s been a delight to be sharing our Island Spirit far and wide through more usual avenues.
There’s no denying it’s been an extremely long haul for everyone, and in particular the hospitality industry. Whilst we all adapted incredibly to the changes and new ‘normal’ it was great to see us all pull together with unique offerings, make your own meal at home kits, drinks delivered to your home and special offers. However, it’s just not the same, is it?
It’s been wonderful catching up with our contacts, friends and partners and getting our beautiful Barra Gin packaged and shipped out to hotels, restaurants/bars, specially selected retailers and click & collect partners over the last few months. 
We’ve seen our Gin reach our neighbouring Islands, mainland Scotland, England and as far as Germany! Spreading the taste of Barra far and wide, lined up on bars, placed in drinks menus and mixed into cocktails!
You can’t beat a Barra G&T at the bar over a catch up, or to wash down some delicious food. If this all sounds great to you – why wouldn’t it? - then check out our stockist map to find your nearest location. A Barra G&T could be just moments away from you.
 And let’s not forget our fantastic range of Click & Collect locations, along with specially selected retailers within the UK, who have our Island Spirt sitting ready to go! For those last-minute celebrations and occasions, don’t wait for a delivery, collect locally and support our trusted partners at the same time!
As a reminder, although we know you love to put your own twist on a Barra G&T, here’s our recommended serve. Whether you’re enjoying a Barra Atlantic Gin from the comfort of your own home, in the garden soaking up the sunshine or out and about with friends, you’re sure to love our perfect serve!
 The Isle of Barra Serve

The key to a perfect serve is a little patience, take your time, enjoy & relax;
- Add a dash of ice to a low-ball glass.

- Gently squeeze your pink or red grapefruit across the ice, just adding a few drops & no more.
- Pour a large measure of our Island Spirit into your glass (50ml)

- Add a splash of Walter Gregor’s premium Scottish tonic water & slip your wedge of grapefruit in.

- Give a generous stir with a spoon, making the bold flavours & salty notes burst out.

- Finally, sit back & enjoy our award-winning Barra Atlantic gin as the carrageen rolls across the tongue like the mighty Atlantic surf breaking on the shores that surround the Isle of Barra.
Created with 17 carefully selected botanical's, it is the Carrageen Seaweed that make our gin stand out. Each piece of our key botanical is hand-picked from the shores that surround our Island home, creating a bold flavour, rich in maritime notes just as our Island home.
The Carrageen seaweed provides a bold, maritime flavour, with a huge, mentholic lean and a pinch of salty air. Juniper dominates proceedings, we’re pleased to report. It’s dry and rich, flanked by the Carrageen and strong enough to paint the air a rich, herbal green. A spice nip kicks in, but liquorice roots start to weigh the tongue down towards the end of the sip, adding a sweet viscosity that makes us think of salt water taffy. It makes for a great G&T but Martini-heads should definitely make a move for a bottle. Refreshing and clean, with a long, gratifyingly warm spice finish that opens out like the vast vista surrounding our beautifully remote home.

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