Barra Distillers go for Gold!

This week we were able to share the great news, our small team at the Distillery are immensely proud to have been awarded Gold at The Spirit Business Gin Masters 2020. We have only been distilling our Island spirit for just over a year now so, this is a huge achievement and one we're definitely going to raise a glass to.

For us, it’s not just an Award, it’s a stamp of recognition which will allow our Barra Atlantic Gin to stand out from the crowd. Collecting this award really puts things into perspective for all involved at the Isle of Barra Distillers and allows us a pat on the back for the hard work and passion we have poured into our Island Spirit on a daily basis.

While a great deal of dedication has went into creating our Barra Atlantic Gin, it is truly an accomplishment for this to be recognised so highly by receiving Gold at The Spirit Business Gin Masters 2020. A spirit which not only we as a company can be proud of, but also for our beautiful Island Home and its people to be proud of too.

But it doesn’t end here for Barra Distillers, we are thriving onto bigger and better and by bigger we mean our new still which is currently in the making. That’s right, we are upgrading and moving up in the world of Gin and are pleased to announce that we have a new still coming to our Distillery later this year. The world renowned Forsyths are busy creating our custom made still, which will produce 300 litres of our Island Spirit per batch. This is a large upgrade for our Distillery and whilst it is the end of an era for our first smaller still, the time has come to enhance and develop.

We have taken the steps to help our Island spirit reach as many homes as we can during this unprecedented time that we're all still facing.

As a small family run business, we're trying our best to do what we can to make sure our business and our employees can stay with our small Island distillery as we try to recover from COVID-19.

For the foreseeable, or at least, until we're in more positive times. We have reduced our Barra Atlantic Gin down to £30.00 per bottle online. Along with this, we have suspended all delivery charges.

We know there may be more important items on your shopping list but without your kind support our future becomes more & more uncertain by the day.

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Meet the Team!

Meet the Team!

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