Earth Day

Earth Day
Earth Day 2021, an annual event celebrated around the world to demonstrate support for Environmental Protection worldwide. A cause very close to our hearts and is a topic and movement we feel very strongly about as a business.

Without the natural surroundings on our island home, we wouldn’t have the inspiration behind our Barra Atlantic Gin and our branding. Our location has allowed us an extensive portfolio of cause, drive and projects throughout our company’s existence.


The island and its beauty serve a permanent presence in our family run business and is in fact motivation for us to give back to our home, that gave us so very much growing up.




The Isle of Barra makes you feel alive, it makes you feel free. The wild winds matched with the calm, tranquil days, the warm, gentle summer nights contrasted with the harsh days that winter provides. These are the elements that inspire the Isle of Barra Distillers, the Isle of Barra’s first distillery.


We are undoubtedly living and working in an island of paradise, from its deep blue surrounding sea to its vibrant green land and tropical white sandy beaches, it really does have it all. It’s often hard to believe that our hidden gem of a home is part of Scotland for many people.




The expansive ocean and rugged coastline surrounding the beautiful Isle of Barra inspired the very creation of Isle of Barra Distillers and our unique gin.


Taking advantage of the surrounding beauty of Barra and cunningly using it as inspiration to create the award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin, we are able to produce the freshest island-born fearless spirit which is the delicious gin we all love and enjoy today.




Aside from the love we have of Barra, we are also blessed to obtain and sustain our key botanical from the shores of our island home. Carrageen seaweed, which grows naturally on the coast of Barra is hand-harvested and prepared at a sustainable pace before playing the all-important role of our key botanical in our Barra Atlantic Gin.


The riches on our doorstep are endless and have cause to create unique opportunities.


 barra sea


Cheek by jowl with the mighty Atlantic, the ocean is a literal source of inspiration, bringing the unique ingredients we use to our shores.


Our 18th Century ancestors left Barra and voyaged into the unknown to become new world pioneers. Their spirit embodies ours as we venture forth fearlessly to take the best of Barra to the world.


barra beach 


Our Contribution


Our packaging is completely plastic free, from our shipment boxes, inserts and even our tape. Utilising cardboard and paper, we strive to be as eco-friendly as possible.


Our glass bottle is recyclable with no plastic used throughout our labels.


Every bottle is packaged by hand, using a limited volume of machinery within our distillery.


Our chosen method of delivery enables our shipments to leave only a small carbon footprint throughout its extensive journey from us to you. As our mail travels via road, ferry and flight we are utilising existing methods of public transport links to have our mail travel to the mainland and beyond.


 kisimul castle


Let’s join in celebration for Earth Day 2021 and do all that we can to contribute to our planet!

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