Embarking on Barra Atlantic Gin

Embarking on Barra Atlantic Gin

Our island home is at the heart and soul of our island spirit, the award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin! We are inspired by Barra’s beauty, remoteness and uniqueness and this is how our gin was created – a true Hebridean spirit from Scotland’s most westerly distillery.

From resourcing our key botanical, carrageen seaweed locally on Barra’s rugged coast to provide the bold, maritime notes and overall freshness of our Gin, we ensure to embark you on a journey back to the island of Barra from wherever you may be while sipping your G&T.

The Barra Atlantic Gin is what it says on the bottle, Gin with solid connections and ingredients to Barra and the Atlantic ocean which surrounds our beautiful home.

Embarking on the Barra Atlantic Gin has been a glorious adventure and one that we’re extremely proud of. But to embark on a journey to Barra, well that also comes with its own challenges and experience. Have you been lucky enough to visit Barra?

Our favourite mode of transport for travelling to and from Barra has to be by flight! Not only is this one of the most stunning flights you will ever experience for views over the Atlantic and mainland Scotland but as you approach Barra you are welcomed by tropical waters and golden beaches. And did we mention that our flight is extremely famous for landing on one of these beaches?

A true bucket list tick for many people and let me tell you, no matter how many times you take this flight, it never gets old! Each time, the views are more and more spectacular and something we are extremely blessed to experience.

This journey only takes an hour from Glasgow International Airport and is operated by Logan Air.

The longer route of travel to and from our island home is by boat from Oban to Castlebay by Calmac Ferries. This journey takes just under 5 hours as you set sail from Oban bay through the sound of Mull and finally onto the Minch. Before reaching your destination of Castlebay, Isle of Barra.

Although this is a long journey, your sure to be entertained with views of the open sea and clear skies, and at times you’ll even spot Dolphins swimming alongside. Cruising through the deep blue sea, you can enjoy the feel of the fresh salty air hitting your face as you take a breath outside – there are definitely worse ways to travel.

Of course, this is all fine and well on a sunny summer’s day, unfortunately along with the whole of Scotland we do experience bad weather on more than one occasion. The top tip for travelling under adverse weather has to be to sit tight, close your eyes and rest it out during the journey. We promise the travel is absolutely worth it when you set your eyes on our remote island home and the ferry ties up in Castlebay!

Capturing the best of Barra is what we continue to do by producing our island spirit and it’s something we are so passionate about. We are delighted to continue creating our Gin and to share as much of it and Barra with you as possible.

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Welcome to the Isle of Barra

Welcome to the Isle of Barra

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Award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin

Award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin