Happy Easter from Scotland’s most westerly Distillery!

Easter Weekend has arrived, albeit a little different from our usual Island traditions of getting together with family and friends while celebrating with a few drinks in the pub, listening to live music and letting the party escape you.


However, life continues here on the Isle of Barra this spring we’re pleased to report. Our fields and machair’s are filling with the latest addition of new lambs and we’re very welcoming of the warmer climate which is slowly but surely setting in and our days are lengthening! All that’s missing are our visitors, which we look forward to welcoming with open arms when all is safe in the world again.


This morning, Easter Sunday was kickstarted in a way we have never known before here at the Isle of Barra Distillers. Instead of our usual relaxing day of rest after having enjoyed a few drams the night before which is the usual Easter here, we took off to the hills first thing with an aim to gather the sheep that had been roaming goodness knows where since December. We weren’t too sure what we’d find or whether we’d even come across the sheep today but luckily the climbing and running was all worth it in the end.


We successfully gathered all of the sheep that had been counted months ago and managed to push them toward their destination in Allasdale on the West Side of the Island, where they were supposed to be in the first place. Who knew sheep were such grand explorers?


The sun was shining and we truly felt the warmth to begin with, which was a great change but of course, you can never trust it to stay for long. Before long the heavens had opened and we even had sleet (in April, shocking!) and let’s just say we were soaked to the skin. Albeit a very successful day with heaps of fresh air and exercise though which we can’t complain about!


As well as the farming, we were delighted to announce earlier this week that we have now produced hand sanitiser at our Distillery. Our first priority is to distribute the sanitiser to our local key workers here on the Island and have also provided our local hospital, post office and other businesses with sanitiser which will hopefully contribute to keeping our locals safe during this time. Our small team will continue to work safely behind the scenes, producing sanitiser and fulfilling online orders as quick and efficiently as we can.


On behalf of us all at the Isle of Barra Distillers, we wish you all a wonderful Easter filled with joy and our Island Spirit!


Take care and all the very best from the Isle of Barra! 

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