International Scottish Gin Day 2020

International Scottish Gin Day 2020

We’ve collaborated with ISGD supporters Sandra Lim and Julian Vallis to bring in a series of all things Barra Gin as our tribute to International Scottish Gin Day!

If your looking for whole-hearted Gin lovers and mean cocktail makers, it’s this pair. Active throughout their social platforms, Sandra & Julian create and capture the most stunning cocktails you’ll ever feast your eyes on.

Between working full time jobs and shaking that cocktail shaker, Sandra & Julian are not only ISGD supporters and Gin bloggers but are also involved with the Martini Club and the Negroni Club!

This Monday, we are eager to see Sandra & Julian’s take on a Barra Gin Martini as their debut for International Scottish Gin Day and Martini Monday. Make sure to check our social media platform for this treat!

Following from this creation, we will be hosting our first ever Instagram Live in collaboration with Sandra & Julian. Please do join us on Thursday 15th October at 6.30pm on Instagram and learn all about the Isle of Barra Distillers, our Barra Atlantic Gin and our beautiful Island Home.

But it doesn’t end here, create your own Barra Atlantic Gin perfect serve from the comfort of your home and get your cocktail kit looked out as Sandra & Julian take the reins on creating the classic Gibson Martini using our Island Spirit. If you’d like to join in, please ensure you have the following ready to go;

Barra Atlantic Gin Recommended Serve


  • Barra Atlantic Gin
  • Walter Gregor’s Tonic Water
  • Plenty ice
  • A wedge of pink/red grapefruit

Kit you’ll need:

  • Low ball or high ball glass 50ml measure

Gibson Martini


  • Barra Atlantic Gin
  • Dolin Dry Vermouth
  • Silverskin pickled onions

Kit you'll need:

  • Mixing glass and bar spoon
  • Ice for stirring
  • 1oz or 35ml measure martini glass that’s been in the freezer at least 15 minutes
  • A Hawthorn strainer (or fingers) to hold back the ice when pouring


We’d also love to share the story of Sandra & Julian with you prior to our Instagram Live. They have both kindly provided us with a personal statement to introduce themselves.

“Hi, I’m Julian Vallis and I’m a serious cocktail nerd, alongside my literal half, Sandra Lim (Juniper Chick). Together, we’ve been tasting some of the best spirits and liqueurs as well a dwelling at some of the best bars around the world since 2011. We have an unorthodox history of being discerning punters having been taught by the fabulous Sarah Mitchell and Adam Smithson at the Juniper Society at Graphic Bar (the first ‘meet the maker’ sessions), and got into making cocktails after a Bombay Sapphire Masterclass organised by Sam Carter at the Rib Room during the Queen’s Jubilee.

Since then, we have met many other bloggers and industry folk (both bar and distillers). In doing so we have sampled some of the best spirits and liqueurs the market has to offer, as well as cocktails rated as ‘the best’ from an enviable bar tab across the globe. Putting this experience to practice, we champion spirits through their ultimate medium – the cocktail – and in doing so help run both the Negroni Club & Martini Club to help people discover, enjoy and savour two of the most important cocktails. We also help educate others to assess and appreciate spirits correctly to help ‘raise the bar’ of the spirits community and never stop experimenting, learning and perfecting cocktails.”

“Hi, I’m Sandra, aka Juniper Chick, mainly on Instagram – @TheRealJuniperchick – and Twitter – @Juniperchick. As my handle suggests, I’m into my gin and my first love was Bombay Sapphire.

Born in Malaysia, I have lived in New Zealand, Singapore and now in the United Kingdom, where I have called London home for the past 18 years. Coming from Asia, I am a massive foodie and enjoy a good glass of wine as well.

Julian (my other half) and I are massive supporters of the gin community and are passionate about our cocktails too. We play an active part in the Negroni Club UK (with Sara Jane Davis) and are managing the Martini Club UK along with Anthony Brimacombe (BrimandTonic). I’ve seen the industry booming faster than ever with so many interesting gins coming from Scotland. Having a solid history in distilling whisky, I believe that Scottish gins have a lot to offer to the consumers and am proud to be a supporter of the Scottish gin industry.”

We look forward to seeing you all on Instagram Live this coming Thursday 15th October at 6.30pm - remember to bring the Gin!

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