Mixing It Up!

Mixing It Up!
It’s all about the Gin, the creations and generally ‘mixing it up’ this week. Whilst you can’t beat a good old Barra G&T, sometimes a change is welcome in the form of a Barra Gin cocktail.
barra gin
Like everyone else, we were extremely pleased to see the easing of restrictions around the UK. In particular our island home, which has recently entered level 1 with the rest of the Western Isles. 
This tier allows us to have up to 6 people from 3 households in your home or theirs – and can stay overnight, up to 8 people from 3 households in an indoor public place like a café, pub or restaurant and up to 12 people from 12 households outdoors in your garden or a public place. 
As well as the above, we were delighted to welcome visitors to our home once again. Barra’s summer season is slowly returning to what we were once familiar with.
barra gin cafe kisimul barra
A complete novelty for us to mix and mingle again, which has been excellent. In fact, we just couldn’t wait to get ourselves over to our friends at Café Kisimul, to mix up our Barra Atlantic Gin and work on new serves for their menu. 
This week we met with the fantastic, enthusiastic team behind a fellow local family run business and brought the Gin with us. Carrying out a cocktail mixing session with Harris and co, we enjoyed a fun afternoon of catching up and creating a delicious selection of Barra Gin inspired cocktails.
cafe kisimul cocktails
All trial and error to see which cocktail/s will make the cut for Café Kisimul’s seasonal menu this year. We enjoyed getting stuck in and working together to create a delicious selection of beverages. 
Packed with a punch, all recipes included a healthy measure of our island spirit, accompanied with fresh ingredients to compliment our Gin. 
A firm favourite for us all was the Chilli G&T, a most fitting serve for Café Kisimul to compliment the delicious curries you can enjoy, all homemade by the team.
espresso martini
And of course, we can’t leave out the Espresso Martini (with a Barra twist). Who doesn’t love an Espresso Martini? We decided to switch the classic vodka for Barra Gin on this recipe, kept it simple and created the much-loved cocktail. We had Will from Kisimul Café fulfilling his life dream of ‘shaking it up’ to create the sought-after froth on the surface of the drink for the perfect finish.
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Build a Barra Serve

Add a dash of ice to a low-ball glass.

Gently squeeze your pink or red grapefruit across the ice, just adding a few drops & no more.

Pour a large measure of our award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin into your glass (50ml)

Add a splash of Walter Gregor’s premium original tonic water & slip your wedge of grapefruit in.

Give a generous stir with a spoon, making the bold flavours & salty notes burst out.

Finally, sit back & enjoy our recommended serve as the carrageen rolls across the tongue like the mighty Atlantic surf breaking on the shores that surround the Isle of Barra.

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