Mothering Sunday

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Today, we celebrate a very special day indeed, a day spent honouring our mothers and mother figures. A day to show thanks and appreciation to those special to us. A day to enjoy together, with our families.

Mother’s Day is a personal, heart-felt day for us all. It especially means a lot to us here at the Isle of Barra Distillers. While we celebrate the beautiful gift of motherhood and its privileges, we reflect on how incredible it is to enjoy this day with our loved ones.


There’s no denying that motherhood has it’s share of ups and downs. It is after all the hardest job with no payment that we experience throughout our lifetime. And yet, we wouldn’t change it for the world.


gin and tonic


This Mother’s Day, we’re counting our blessings and raising a glass of our Barra Atlantic Gin to our loved ones far and wide. Sharing the taste of our island spirit with those special to us.


For the true taste of Barra, why not try our Barra Atlantic Gin neat this Mother’s Day?


Pour a 50ml measure of Barra Atlantic Gin over ice, in a lowball glass. Sip away and allow the botanicals to burst through your tastebuds.


We also recommend you try our preferred serve this Mother’s Day.


Pour a 50ml measure of Barra Atlantic Gin over ice, in a low or highball glass. Squeeze a few drops of grapefruit into the glass and slide the wedge into the glass. Add a splash of Walter Gregor’s Original Tonic Water, stir and sip away.


Wherever you are in the world, we wish you all a warm heart-felt Mother’s Day.


Slàinte Mhath!


shop distillery


In other news, we were delighted to re-open our distillery shop last week to the public. Our door is unlocked, the shelves are stocked and a friendly welcome awaits you.


Our shop is operating Monday – Saturday, 11am to 3pm. Our opening hours will increase as the peak season arrives. Whilst we are currently serving our loyal locals, we do hope to welcome visitors from far and wide to our distillery in the very near future.


isle of barra


We invite you to join our Barra Atlantic Gin Community, we’re waiting to hear from you on our informal Facebook Group. Share your stories, serves, recommendations and photos of our island spirit and our island home!


So far, we’ve welcomed over 300 new members in the short time since launching our Group. We’ve had the joy of reading stories from far and wide and have feasted our eyes on beautiful serves and images of holidays on Barra.


We’d love to hear from you too, please don’t be a stranger! 


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