Ours, Yours & The Barra Family

Ours, Yours & The Barra Family
We call ourselves the family distillery and you may think that is because we’re family owned and very focused on building something for our family, that is correct but that is only just a small part behind the description.

isle of barra distillers

While we talk about and reference family, it means so much more to us. It means our Island community, the spirit and togetherness we share for the passion of achieving our goals. It is also about each other’s families and how we can help one another to each have a positive life.


What we’re about is building something that the wider Barra Family can be proud of, something that the Barra Family will benefit from, achieving this through creating sustainable employment, creating opportunities and making a positive impact on our Island home.

Isle of Barra Distillers
The vision we set out on when we launched in 2017 was simple, create an enterprise that will have a generational impact on Barra, this is our key goal, and from there we can create positive changes.

There are two sides to every story and ours is no different. The Isle of Barra is our family home but for a time we were away.

Fearless spirit brought us back.

The desire to return to our roots and create Scotland’s most westerly distillery.

Start our own family on the edge of the Atlantic, the vast ocean that many of our courageous ancestors crossed, often leaving everything behind. We are the lucky ones.

Isle of Barra

Many people cannot return home. That is why we started our charity foundation, to create opportunities for more families to call Barra home.

That is why we support the corncrake, an endangered bird species that returns to Barra every summer to nest and start their own families.

That is why we celebrate home. Creating the true taste Barra, sharing the best of our island, home and away, with family to the fore.

There are two sides to the Isle of Barra Distillers story, with the wild Atlantic to the west, the tranquil Sound of Barra to the east.

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Our home. Our inspiration.

Island born, fearless spirit.

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