Our Recommended Serve with Walter Gregor’s Tonic Water!

Our Recommended Serve with Walter Gregor’s Tonic Water!

Our Barra Atlantic Gin has a bold, maritime flavour, with a huge mentholic lean and a pinch of salty air. The flavour is mostly influenced by our key botanical Carrageen Seaweed. If our Island Spirit isn’t served neat with ice then you’ll find us serving our Gin with a wedge of pink or red grapefruit and a dash of Tonic Water – delicious!

At each outing of ours, we are always offering customers, guests, friends a refreshing G&T and after each sip we are always faced with the same prominent question, “which tonic water are you using?” 

The answer to this question is of course Walter Gregor’s Tonic Water! An infused tonic water with mint and botanicals accompanied by citrus fruits to produce a crisp and clean tasting tonic. The perfect companion for our Barra Atlantic Gin which offers the biggest compliment for the pallet.

Walter Gregor’s is the first tonic water to be produced in Scotland itself, therefore when paired with our Gin you are enjoying a glass of full Scottish Produce!

The name behind the tonic water is inspired by a 19th century minister who served the historic parish of Pitsligo by order of Queen Victoria, his name was indeed Walter Gregor. He was a renowned academic & plantsman and the botanics to flavour his tonic water are still grown in the garden of his former manse in Peathill, Aberdeenshire. Founder Claire Rennie decided to make a beautifully flavoured tonic water as a testimony to Walter and his love for botanicals.

Walter Gregor’s former garden and manse (the house provided for him by the Church) were purchased by the Rennie family in the 1960’s. The formerly derelict walled garden is being renovated to grow more of the herbs and fruits needed for the range of tonic waters on offer. Much love and care is put into the ingredients as well as the production of the tonics. After all, without a good input, the output will not be up to standard. Making the products allows Claire and co to not only ensure that everything going into the tonic water is natural, it also allows them to ensure they use only the best quality ingredients.

Due to Walter Gregor’s coastal location, where the Moray Firth meets the North Sea, Walter Gregor’s Original Tonic pairs particularly wonderfully with coastal and island gins. It is a truly hand-crafted product - the same people who grow the plants make the drinks, and it all takes place in the historic parish in Pitsligo where Walter Gregor himself practised his faith.

All of the tonics are made without artificial preservatives, colours or flavours, so you don’t need a chemistry degree to read the labels. But they are made with lots of love and care to ensure a quality product.

Aside from the original tonic water, you can try an array of flavours from Scottish Raspberry, Cucumber & Mint, Apple & Cinnamon and Spiced. You can find Walter Gregor’s Tonic Waters in Glasgow’s Waitrose Stores and in various shops throughout the country, check out your closest stockist on https://waltergregors.com/stockists

Gin and Tonic Heads should definitely be turned by Walter Gregor’s Tonic Waters!

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