Tales From The Family Distillery (Vol 1)

Tales From The Family Distillery (Vol 1)
Tonight is the first edition of our revamped & reworked newsletters which will now dispatch from our Island Home once a month. Each edition will be filled with news, updates & tales from our small team at our Family Distillery.

We couldn't start anywhere else other than...Singapore.

Barra to Singapore ....6927.22 miles as the crow flys!

When we launched the Isle of Barra Distillers Co back in late 2017, we had many smaller goals that we wanted to achieve and some pretty big ones. And one of the big ones was to create opportunities for people that in their everyday life wouldn't be possible. At the start of September, we did just that!
Singapore Expo

For a whole week, the Isle of Barra Distillers were part of 1 of 10 food & drink companies selected from Scotland to take part at The Food Hotel Asia Expo, Singapore. One of the largest food & drink Expos held in the world.

To have not only our company hand selected for this but also the opportunity to send some of our team over to experience this first hand is one of the high points since we launched back in 2017.

This is one of the main reasons for our business and to see that our hard work is now creating these opportunities, it is a special feeling. What gives our team great excitement and anticipation is the fact if we can create opportunities such as these then we can't wait to see what the future holds once our planned whisky distillery goes ahead.

With the incredible opportunity of our team members travelling to Singapore for Food Hotel Asia arising, we wanted to expand on this occasion. And so, we were delighted to find ourselves in a position to offer the option of our team travelling to Singapore to take their partners on the journey with them. There's no surprise that this offer received a definite YES. We sought out to create opportunities for our team, our community, our family and we feel we are doing exactly that. Sharing the taste of Barra far and wide, whilst opening new doors for new people. After all, we are The Family Distillery!

And just like that, it was Farewell to Singapore for now, until next time!

A truly special experience and opportunity for our family distillery with each day bringing new adventures, new faces and of course new experiences to us, across the globe.
Singapore Expo

The long journey home, travelling through multiple timezones was an experience on its own.... . And to give you an insight into the travelling, you'll discover below the level of jetlag our team will be experiencing upon their arrival to their final destination - home!

Singapore - Dubai - 7 hours
Dubai stopover - 7 hours
Dubai - London - 7.5 hours
London stopover - 7 hours
London - Glasgow - 1 hour
Glasgow - Barra - 7.5 hours

A special thanks to Scottish Development International and to each and every one of you who called by our stand throughout the week to speak with us. The hospitality is like none other and the welcome and support we received throughout will always be remembered!

We feel we will have some pretty big news for you in the next edition of our Family Distillery tales....something new & a little ?? 

Mòran taing/Many thanks
Isle of Barra Distillers Co.

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