Welcome to our Barra Atlantic Gin Community

Welcome to our Barra Atlantic Gin Community
It is with great pleasure, that we invite you to join our Official Barra Atlantic Gin Facebook Group. A group set-up solely for you to engage, where you will be joined by fellow Barra Atlantic Gin followers.  
We’ve launched an informal Facebook Page and welcome you to join and enjoy an in-depth angle, like never before, to our Barra Atlantic Gin.  
We want to focus our aim on you and hear your stories, see your serves and listen to your recommendations in relation to our award-winning island spirit. Share your thoughts and feedback through our Facebook Group, engage with us and our followers globally.

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Since our launch in 2017, we’ve been extremely proud to see our Barra Atlantic Gin reach the far corners of the world. We’ve welcomed a tremendous following and have enjoyed viewing your posts, receiving your photographs and hearing your feedback on our sought-after island spirit. 
However, we can’t continue to keep this locked to ourselves, which has resulted in the creation of our new Facebook Group – Barra Atlantic Gin, A place to share our island spirit.

But it doesn’t stop there, whilst we long to see your posts circling around our Barra Atlantic Gin, we have the Island of Barra coursing through our veins. So, sharing your island stories, characters you’ve met along the way and hidden gems you’d like to recommend, please share it all with us and we’ll do the same!
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 Our group is informal and therefore we want you to engage and allow your personality to shine through your posts, photographs, videos and stories. After all, nothing beats sharing what you love with others and in this case, we are referring to our love for Barra Atlantic Gin! Our new Facebook Group is focussed on you, our follower and customer. We want to see your creations, whether it be a Barra Gin cocktail or a Barra Gin bottle lamp!


We’ll leave the professionalism to our existing Facebook Page, for all Isle of Barra Distillers updates, imagery and promotions. And of course, we’ll continue to tell our story via our social platform.


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Remember, if you’re needing to replenish your stock of our award-winning island spirit, our current promotion of £30.00 per bottle with free shipment is still available via our website. Take advantage of our offer and obtain your new bottle of Barra Atlantic Gin in time for joining our new Facebook Group! Remember, you’ll also receive an additional 20% discount code which can be used further down the line too.


We hope to welcome you in our Barra Atlantic Gin Community soon! 

Become a member here;


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