Work – Life – Balance

Work – Life – Balance
At the beginning of January, we started a 12-week experiment, could we move to a four-day working week and make it sustainable? The answers are in….
Before January, as a team, we worked Monday to Saturday 8:30am to 4:30pm. This was the norm, it was the standard, but we wanted to change that, we wanted to offer our team, that we owe so much to, the opportunity to try something that could make a positive impact on their lives.
Isle of Barra Distillers
We decided to trial a four-day working week, working the same hours for the same pay. We split the team down and now half of our team work Monday to Thursday and the other half Tuesday to Friday, with Saturday being covered by our part time staff.

isle of barra distillers
Instantly we saw a huge change, but would it last? Yes, is the answer. Our small team of 6 have seen huge benefits to this and all staff have agreed there are no downsides to the 4-day working week.

They have more time to spend relaxing, recharging their batteries, taking their minds away from work.

Pictured: Michael & Katie Morrison, our Co-Founders/Directors enjoying a weekend away in Glasgow

Katie, our Co-founder, had this to say on the move to a four-day working week;

“The impact this has had on the business is clear to see, of course, we’re delighted to see our team so happy, so relaxed and you can really feel that positive atmosphere. In terms of the business, its fair to ask if the same level of work is being done, well we think the level of work has gone up and that’s not to say our team were holding back before but we feel the four-day week has unlocked potential that our team didn’t know they had, there is added commitment and a togetherness, a real drive to push the business on”.

Pictured: Debbie, our Office Manager enjoying walks with her dog, Mylo

Given the all-round positive feedback, it is fair to say that the four-day working week will now become a permanent fixture in our business model. It is important that as a team we’re healthy, our mental well being is strong and we have the right tools to do the best with what we have.

Pictured: Eilidh, our Sales Assistant enjoying time with her daughter, Oona

We all know, you’re nothing without a good team and that is exactly what the Isle of Barra Distillers has.

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