Barra Gin Candle

Barra Atlantic Gin 1 Wick Tumbler Candle
Woodland Seasalt, Juniper & Carrageen Seaweed.
Weight 170g (wax)
Burn Time 15 hours
    Weight 270g (wax)
    Burn Time 20 hours
      Weight 380g (wax)
      Burn Time 40 hours
      A simple 1-wick scented candle which complements any room, a favourite and our most popular candle adding a touch of elegance and simplicity to your home. Once finished, simply wash out in warm soapy water and re-use the container as a whisky glass!
      Our candles are hand poured in the Scottish Highlands, using only the finest quality fragrances and are made with natural wax and wooden wicks which give off a soothing crackling sound when lit.