Barra Gin Liqueur Twin Pack

Rhubarb & Heather Gin Liqueur & Strawberry & Ginger Gin Liqueur Twin Pack
2 x 50cl 20% ABV

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Strawberry & Ginger Gin Liqueur
Created at our Family Distillery, using hand-picked Scottish strawberries, we're proud to introduce our Strawberry & Ginger Gin Liqueur.

Mouth-wateringly delicious and exceptional both on the nose and palate, our Liqueur provides a sweet and lightly spiced flavour profile.

Bursting with berry notes, it's the perfect addition to cocktails or bubbly, unlocking a multitude of serve opportunities, all flowing from one bottle.

Rhubarb & Heather Gin Liqueur
Using locally sourced rhubarb from Garadh a’ Bhagh a’ Tuath, and wild heather from the hills of Barra, we perfected the flavour profile to not only reflect on our pride and joy Barra Atlantic Gin but also create a twist of refreshing sweetness which displays a new burst of flavour to your taste buds.

The liqueur portrays a packed flavour of rhubarb, a spice of ginger and a hint of lemongrass.

A product created close to our hearts, our home and our local community.