Barra Atlantic Gin

The adventurous spirit of the Barra people inspires our unique gin. Our award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin is distilled from 17 specially selected botanicals, capturing the essence of our beautiful home. Born from the Island, with our key botanical hand foraged from the shores that surround our Island home on the edge of the Atlantic. Every drop of our Island spirit distilled, bottled and labelled right here on the Isle of Barra, from our Family Distillery. 



The new vessel and the term vessel is an appropriate word as the connection from the Isle of Barra to the sea is endless, as is our relationship with the sea to our award-winning Gin. We have moved away from using a stock bottle made from 100% flint glass to creating our very own custom-designed bottle but instead, our new bottles are produced from 52% recycled glass.

With the move to such a high percentage of recycled glass, each bottle varies & can't be the same, and we feel this is part of the character. It feels like each bottle represents all the different characters from our Island home, all different, all with their story to tell.  The bottle weight has been reduced by 17%, but crucially the distance from Allied Glass to the Isle of Barra Distillers is now 406 miles. This is now 382 miles less than our previous supplier, helping our Family Distilleries' carbon footprint. Two final & crucial points to our new vessel, it is now 100% plastic free & 100% recyclable.


Our Island Spirit begins its journey being Distilled in our custom-built copper still "Ada". Another notable nod to the connections made by our 'Family Distillery' as our copper still is named after our co-founder's daughter, who is just as fiery as our beautiful still, which was handcrafted by the world-leading Forsyth's from Rothes in Scotland.  Our local distiller creates a spirit that has the essence of the Outer Hebrides at its core, our gin, distilled with 17 individually & carefully selected botanicals but is the Carrageen Seaweed, sustainably hand foraged from the shores of our island Home, is the key to setting our Gin & bringing it to life. 

Our distillation method is vapour infused, meaning our botanicals rest on two baskets within our copper still 'Ada' and as the spirit begins to reach optimum temperature, the vapour that is carried through, passes by our complex mix of 17 botanicals, all weighed to the exact gram beforehand. As the vapour passes, it softens our botanical and collects the essential oils. As the vapour continues through our copper-still, it's not long before the end result is our award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin. When distilling our Outer Hebridean gin, we discard the heads and tails from our distillate. The vast majority of gin distillers reuse the heads and tales, but we feel that the end result just isn't as crisp, smooth or premium. So, although it is more costly, we feel this is the best method possible to create our premium gin.

Once our distillation run is complete, we leave our spirit to settle for seven full days and let the flavours grow. We feel this adds to the distinctive taste that our Barra Atlantic Gin carries. From there, we label, bottle & ship all of our award-winning gin from our Family Distillery on the Isle of Barra, from our home to your hands, a labour of love.


The sea that surrounds our Island home, the air that we breathe, the rich maritime history that is rooted in the isle, and the people who live here, this is our inspiration. The Isle of Barra is undoubtedly an island of paradise, from its tropical blue sea to its vivid green land and pristine white sands, it really does have it all, including a unique castle-island and the world’s only beach airport! Our spirits fearlessly embody our place. Our signature Atlantic Gin’s defining botanical is harvested by hand in the shallow waters of the shoreline.


Each piece of our key botanical is hand picked from the shores that surround our island home, creating a bold flavour, rich in maritime notes.

Our signature botanical, the carrageen seaweed, is what makes our gin special. Also known by its scientific name chondrus crispus, carrageen seaweed is a red algae native to the cool Atlantic waters skirting europe’s rocky coastlines, including our beautiful Isle of Barra.

Like many of the other seaweed varieties found on the Scottish coast, carrageen is harvested after the spring tides, when the water is furthest from the shore. Once harvested, each piece of carrageen seaweed is washed through with fresh water and left outdoors for 5-6 weeks for the wind and sun to dry or ‘bleach’ as it is known on Barra. Once the carrageen has dried and has changed colour to a light white/purple it is then ready to be used to create our award-winning spirit, the Barra Atlantic Gin.

Caggageen Seaweed Isle of Barra - Isle of Barra Distillers Co.
Caggageen Seaweed Isle of Barra - Isle of Barra Distillers Co.
Carrageen Seaweed Isle of Barra - Isle of Barra Distillers Co.

This is our passion for our Island home, our Family Distillery & our Barra Atlantic Gin. Created with the essence of Barra at its core, our Barra Atlantic Gin is distilled using locally hand-harvested Carrageen Seaweed that is sourced sustainably from the shores that surround our Island home.

The idea for using the Carrageen seaweed came from the abundance around the Island, as well as from Michael's childhood. Carrageen grows out of the ancient rocks that make up the Island's coastline, which can only be sourced when the tide is at its lowest point, which is only a few times a year. The Carrageen is full of flavour, medicinal properties, and minerals.

 "Both my grandparents and my mother have used Carrageen for ailments such as stomach aches as a tonic. It was always soothing and tasty, bringing back wonderful childhood memories, " stated Co-Founder & Managing Director Michael Morrison.

17 Handpicked botanicals

Each botanical plays an important part in our gin, which creates a unique and distinctive flavour that embodies the fearless Island spirit.

Carrageen Seaweed

Foraged from the shores of our remote Isle of Barra,  Carrageen seaweed provides a bold, maritime flavour, with a mentholic lean and a pinch of salty air.

Our beautiful home

The marriage between our island home and the expansive sea that surrounds Barra’s rugged coastline is hidden in every bottle of Barra Atlantic Gin.

Barra Atlantic Gin

The adventurous spirit of Barra people inspires our unique gin. Our main botanical, carrageen seaweed, is collected wild on the shores of the Isle of Barra. We want to create something that not only we can be proud of but that the wider Barra community can be proud of, giving back to our thriving island home.

Our award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin is now available in Waitrose & Partners branches across the UK. Our Island Spirit from the Outer Hebrides has been chosen for distribution by a UK-wide supermarket. Check our stockist map for your local Waitrose & share the taste of Barra. 

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