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Our Island

The Isle of Barra makes you feel alive, it makes you feel free. The wild winds matched with the calm, tranquil days, the warm, gentle summer nights contrasted with the harsh days that winter provides. These are the elements that inspire the Isle of Barra Distillers, the Isle of Barra’s first distillery.

Our island and its people are our inspiration.

Our Home

The Isle of Barra is undoubtedly an island of paradise, from it’s deep blue surrounding sea to its vibrant green land and tropical white sandy beaches, it really does have it all. It’s often hard to believe that our hidden gem of a home is part of Scotland for many people.

Taking advantage of the surrounding beauty of Barra and cunningly using it as inspiration to create the Award Winning Barra Atlantic Gin, we are able to produce the freshest island-born fearless spirit which is the delicious gin we all love and enjoy today.

Giving back

It is the people that live here on the Island of Barra that are at the forefront of what we are trying to achieve with the Isle of Barra Distillers. Through your help and our continuous work, we want to grow our Island’s fragile economy. With that we will add fresh employment opportunities, fresh hope for the youth of our Island so that you can stay and build a family, create a future and make this Island your home.

Our future

We have one eye on the present but we're always looking to the future.

The sea that surrounds our Island home, the air that we breathe, the rich maritime history that is rooted in the Isle, and the people that live here, this is what we use to draw our inspiration from when distilling here on the Isle of Barra.

We feel we owe it to the island and to the community – we have the opportunity to do something great and that is exactly what we’re going to do. We want to create something that not only we can be proud of but the whole of the Isle of Barra can be proud of, giving back to the Island that has provided our distillery with so many opportunities.

It is this passion and belief that must surely make the story of the Isle of Barra Distillers one to look out for and build a legacy that be continued for generations to come.

The land

Distilled and bottled on the remote Scottish Island of Barra, our gin has a piece of our home in each bottle. It is with great pride that we can share our story far and wide.

The sea

The expansive ocean and rugged coastline surrounding the beautiful Isle of Barra inspired the very creation of Isle of Barra Distillers and our unique gin.

The people

Our goal is to create something that not only we can be proud of but the whole of the Isle of Barra can be proud of. The people of Barra are at the forefront of what we do.

Barra Atlantic Gin

The adventurous spirit of Barra people inspires our unique gin. Our main botanical, carrageen seaweed, is collected wild on the shores of the Isle of Barra. We want to create something that not only we can be proud of but that the wider Barra community can be proud of, giving back to our thriving island home.

Our award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin is now available in Waitrose & Partners branches across the UK. Our Island Spirit from the Outer Hebrides has been chosen for distribution by a UK-wide supermarket. Check our stockist map for your local Waitrose & share the taste of Barra. 

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