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While our story progresses, our family distillery continually grows. Naturally, as does our product range of fine spirits.

 Filled with interest and ambition, we understand that perfection takes time.

Releasing Rum from the Isle of Barra has always been an interest and goal of ours. And now the time is right for us to explore this spirit.



Island Dark Rum delivers the elicit connection of the land and sea. An unbreakable bond and exhibit of our homeland.

Carrying the essence of our maritime nature, bringing Barra to the fore, home and away.

Infused in our Outer Hebridean Island with carrageen seaweed, coconut, cardamom and orange, among a host of other botanicals.


Island Dark Rum is a spirit to be enjoyed and as we say for all of our spirits, particularly between family & friends.

Indulge in an Island Dark Rum neat over ice or explore our serve suggestions.

The sea is part of our story and each bottle of Island Dark Rum carries the essence of the maritime nature, bringing Barra to the fore, home and away.


On the Nose
 A presence of coconut and clove to start, shortly followed by a crisp maritime freshness.

 To Taste
A depth of coconut and brown sugar enhancement, with a clean and dry presence.

 To Finish
A complex warmth of cardamom to conclude.

Barra Atlantic Gin

The adventurous spirit of Barra people inspires our unique gin. Our main botanical, carrageen seaweed, is collected wild on the shores of the Isle of Barra. We want to create something that not only we can be proud of but that the wider Barra community can be proud of, giving back to our thriving island home.

Our award-winning Barra Atlantic Gin is now available in Waitrose & Partners branches across the UK. Our Island Spirit from the Outer Hebrides has been chosen for distribution by a UK-wide supermarket. Check our stockist map for your local Waitrose & share the taste of Barra. 

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